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Anti-Discrimination and
Anti-Harassment Laws

Leave of Absence Claim Management

Workers Comp

Wellness and Safety

Other Liability Concerns

State, Local, and Federal Regulations

We have worked with Axios HR for over 10 years and they have consistently delivered value and exceeded expectations. We know we are always in compliance with regulations and our employees are receiving very professional products and services.

Judson Group

Grand Rapids, MI


Experts in all areas of compliance looking out for the health of your business

Navigate and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape 

Regain focus on core competencies that maintain and grow your bottom line


Axios HR is a privately-held, 100% employee-owned company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team takes a personal interest in your businesses success and forms a unique, comprehensive plan to attract, develop, and retain your workforce. Axios HR has been delivering personalized HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for 30+ years. 

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