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Become the Ideal Destination for Top Talent


It costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace them.

Reducing Administrative Disturbances

Regain your focus on valuable, growth-centered initiatives that move your business forward, including cultural alignment and wellbeing for your employees.

Compensation & Benefit Benchmarking

Attract top talent and keep great employees by being competitive in your industry with access to compensation benchmark reports and Fortune 500®-caliber benefit packages.

Source: Employee Benefit News

Source: Engagement and Retention Report, Achievers Workforce Institute, Feb 2021

Continuous Employee Development

Know you have a dedicated and sophisticated HR management team that can provide your employees with programs for further improving their knowledge and skills.

Identifying True Employment Costs

Fully understand your true cost of employee and avoid the negative impact turnover can have on your bottom line. 

Why Employees Consider Changing Jobs


Better work/life balance


Lack of recognition for their work


Better compensation and benefits


To find better culture


Company values don't align with theirs


Lack of strong relationships with peers



Axios HR is a privately-held, 100% employee-owned company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team takes a personal interest in your businesses success and forms a unique, comprehensive plan to attract, develop, and retain your workforce. Axios HR has been delivering personalized HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for 30+ years. 


How Axios HR Can Help

Axios Professional Recruitment

Our Axios Professional Recruitment team is dedicated to finding the right people to fill your open positions.

Whether you’re looking for a direct-hire or a contract-to-hire, we can connect you with great-fit candidates covering a wide-range of industries. Our team is capable of filling all experience levels, from entry to senior or executive. 

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